I took Bennett Foddy's Pixel Prototype Studio class at the NYU Game Center in 2019 Spring. 
Each week I created a game all by myself using PICO-8 and Lua language. The prompt is announced each Monday due Sunday Midnight.
Presented in this page is four of these pixel games along with their prompts and my explanations. Hope you like them!

Click the button to play!
Prompt: Trying
I was born and raised in Shanghai, China, therefore I'm used to using chopsticks since I was a child.   Since I went to New York for college, chopsticks become something that remind me of my hometown. I have witnessed some times when my friends from other countries struggle with chopsticks. So I make this game about chopsticks  to describe their "trying".
(Also I made this because I just love drawing food and Chinese stuff!)
Use Mouse to control your arm
Press Z/X to rotate brown chopstick
Press ←/→ to rotate pink chopstick
Try to grab food and put it into the bowl on the left
Prompt: Demake a 3D game
I turned Slime Rancher into a 2D game!

Press ↑↓←→ to move
Press X to absorb stuff
Press Z to shoot stuff
shoot Slimes into the fence on the right of the map and they will produce plorts (look like gems). Absorbing plorts will increase your balance.
You can buy stuff with your balance in shop. (Press X+Z to open/close shop)
Prompt: No Instruction
Nature is something that needs no instruction. 
I won't list any instructions for this game here, for the spirit of no instruction at all!
Prompt: Repeating Pattern
While brainstorming for this prompt, I happened to see a dream-catcher and it immediately hit me that I can make a game where you play the role of a dream-catcher and your goal is to catch the good dreams for your owner.
I spent most time working on the visual and didn't really polish the gameplay and feedbacks. Therefore it's not really fun...I hope you find it pretty!
Use Mouse to move.
Press X to catch. 
Try to catch the green/yellow small thing and avoid the big purple spheres: they are nightmares.

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