I took Bennett Foddy's Pixel Prototype Studio class at the NYU Game Center in 2019 Spring. 
Each week I created a game all by myself using PICO-8 and Lua language. The prompt is announced each Monday due Sunday Midnight.
Presented in this page is four of these pixel games along with their prompts and my explanations. Hope you like them!
Prompt: A Game That's Fun to Watch Being Played
It's always fun to watch when someone on stage makes a mistake. Therefore I made this game where you play the role of an orchestra conductor. If you make a mistake and give the wrong instruction, some of your orchestra member will get mad, give you "the finger" and then leave.
Your overall performance was decided by how many of your members and audiences are left.
Prompt: Crowd
I spent a majority of my time in library. It always annoys me when some people start to talk in silent study room where they are supposed to be quiet. 
Therefore, I made this game where you could kill those who make noise in the library. 
Press "up" (↑) to start
Press X to kill people

Your anxiety level is influenced by the amount of current noise and will be greatly deduced if you kill someone. But only kill those who are loud enough (noise level is deep pink), otherwise your anxiety level will also go up.
Prompt: Clone an Arcade Game
This is a clone of Dancing Monster. Click the link below to play the original game:
Also I'm attaching a screenshot from the original game.
Press ↑↓←→ to move your cursor.
Press X to eliminate a certain part of the monster. Follow the instructions on top of the screen and shoot what it asks you to shoot. If you succeed that part will be gone.
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