A game about three specialized AIs cooperates and travels through time to stop a series of disaster in the future.
“In the year 2100, advanced AI entities foresaw the end of the world in a decade’s time, and it’s up to you to become one of three AI heroes in this three-player board game and travel through time to alter the past and save the future.”
When we were given the topic “time travel”, we instantly have the idea of making a board game featuring a long board. After I complete the visual design part of the game, I decide to use a red-white glitch theme and prototype materials (lego, chips, etc) to match the color. Place holder images are adapted from three influential sci-fi figures, Motoko from Ghost in the Shell, Terminator and GlaDOS from Portal.

4 routes can lead to victory, you need solve 4 disasters in a route to win. Everyone win together. The sequence of the disasters does not matter, because they have not happened yet. AI can solve them in the order they want.
To solve the disaster, you need to see what the disaster is and find the solution in the history.
If a route is solved, you win.
If in 2111, no route is solved, everyone loses.

Player Guide
Al will go back and forth, with time machines, between 2010 – 2090. AI stop in 2010 and 2100(singularity)
Two time machines are available.
Stable Time Machine, player can choose to go 1 or 2 steps.
Unstable Time Machine, player roles a dice, go 1-6 steps.
After a player reach a critical year(abbrev. as year), flip the card to see what happened.
AI use money from the shared AI bank.
Each round, AI takes turn business_AI to politician_AI to science_AI

Three Roles
Business_AI can take some money and put them into the investment part. In next round, in subsequent(on the right) critical years, business_AI can collect the money and the money will be duplicated. (Each round, you can do only collect or invest)
Politician_AI reveals a future disaster each turn. Leave an influence(red mark), for free, in the year you are in (1 each round)
Science_AI is responsible for inducing technology revolution in critical years.(resemble 4 lego pieces to represent a revolution. Each turn, science_AI can switch position with another AI. Connection between AI is encouraged, but science_AI is the one who decide the movement.
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